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March 11 2015 4 11 /03 /March /2015 08:29

Lisbon hot sun, at the foot of the land also seems to burn: and Francesco Totti, another layer is subjected to torture --- the authentic jordans he created a lot of trouble. For this problem, the Italian team is No. 10 explained: "The turf course is simply bad, I feel like I'm standing on the hot sand, but the strange thing is that even in such a high level of European soccer championship game occur. "At the same time, Totti has admitted that he does not how to adapt to his new shoes, which more or less affected his status. www.bluekoala.com.au, Totti and "Nike" company signed a contract, in the European Championship, he will be wearing a "Nike" shoes provided by the company in all of the competition. To this end, "Nike," the company designed specifically for Totti --- a new style with white and red shoe. This is a shoe, a training base in Poland after a number of tests.

"Nike" the company did not disclose this pair of shoes for Totti in the end how much they are, but according to the company revealed some of the data, experts estimate that at least the shoes that Totti feet worth 500,000 euros. However, spent much of the price of the "Nike" the company apparently did not expect that this pair of wholesale jordans such as Nike's designers did not imagine so good, more is not worth the price they have to spend big. Totti told reporters after the game: "It is like wearing shoes in two large blisters on the foot as it is too hot. I have not encountered such a thing. I think I do not play all my There is also the reason the level of the Air Max 90 shoes." Race started half an hour later, www.sophiayasmin.com, Totti will not feel the shoes, tied him to the sidelines replaced a pair of shoes to play. Francesco Totti in the European Cup you want to have good performance, only a breach of "Nike" the company's contract and put on the shoes he used to. Totti had no choice. Changing his shoes for this unexpected move, the community is mixed.

However, if the sponsors, brokers and legal experts to consider the particularity of this event, they will not fail to notice the temperature of Portugal for the cheap nike shoes wholesale and the players themselves do have a certain impact, so the per does not exclude them from Totti perspective to deal with the incident. "No one wants to put the team's first game played so bad. What is surprising is Denmark, not Italy." Totti admits, "I never thought my performance was so disappointing actually, but I've tried put on Air Max 2009 shoes. The weather is really hot, the foot of the heat for any one people are suffering. www.sparkavision.com, if you are a little confused. Of course, getting the team loose formation, become ever more open front. And the other Paulson, the performance of proactive. We have worked hard, but to control what should be the rhythm, the tempo is always controlled by the other side, this phenomenon is not good."

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