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February 18 2013 2 18 /02 /February /2013 14:28

there are two types of steeplechase - the 
black nike air maxsstandard sprint distance of over 110 m (women's 100 meters) and 400 meters long, the obstacles of minimum performance standards, including 10 obstacles. Also have race hedge shorter distance space with fewer obstacles.

Men and 33 inches about the height of the hedge, sprint hurdler use the 42-inch high-barrier height for women. Long steeplechase barrier is 36 inches tall men and 30 inches for women. However, it should be noted that the number of hedge hedge height, race distance

nike air max cheap athletes compete according to different age groups and gender.

All of the 400-meter hurdles event in the hurdles is certainly the most demanding. It is estimated that the best hurdler in the men's 400 meter hurdles can be through in about 47 seconds, the best woman hurdler can be completed in approximately 53 seconds.

Technical Hurdle is a little difficult because of the sheer speed is not enough. You must plan the step-wise two hedge hurdler and effective, if you have mastered the art of the planning stage, you can easily beat faster based entirely on the opponent.

Strictly speaking

nike air, Liu Xiang, success will not lose too much time and energy to the top of the vertical obstacles. When approaching the first hurdle, the top athletes to avoid walking stuttering? Who reach an obstacle in stride before cutting.

The obstacles they attack, launch the protagonist leg extended slightly bent, the heel narrowly cleared the barrier height of 6-7 meters. The objective of this technique is to try to reduce the center of gravity away from the normal sprint and spend less time in flight.

Order to remove obstacles, athletes should not simply jump over. Instead, he / she must adjust her hips to improve hedge appeal of right in front of the legs and feet. The expert group will lead an obstacle, it must be kept relatively simple. Take-off leg forward at the knee and pull through, in order to maintain the pace.

In 110 meter hurdles meter/100 event successful hurdler generally use the so-called three-step technique. This simply means that the three main steps between the hedge. To do this efficiently, hurdler must maintain a uniform speed in the whole game. If a hurdler begins to slow down or speed change in three steps, he / she may not be able to finish the race.

Today's rules are no obstacles of any collision

nike air max black or knocked down, as long as the behavior is not accidental and unintentional fine. Barriers to fall forward, if the athletes to play, in order to avoid the injured riders.

But hitting obstacles may slow or even accelerate hurdler, and can even destroy the technical obstacles. However, voluntary obstacles, push hands, or run his way, will attract disqualification.

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